Toppa Top 10: Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes + Faux-hall Parodies

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September 19, 2012

3. Rasta Oliver, “My Likkle Donna”

Decades before Ras Trent, Oliver Samuels, Jamaica’s most beloved comedian, played TV’s original rasta imposter on an episode of his classic ’80s sitcom, Oliver. In the aptly titled “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” episode, Samuels’ buffonish con man pretends to be a righteous Ras who performs “strictly conscious lyrics, I-man doesn’t deal with slackness,” as part of an elaborate ruse to get his girlfriend Donna a plane ticket to the U.S. Urged to perform for her skeptical parents at a dinner party, all he has to offer is this thin imitation of ’80s dancehall star Tiger’s style.