Toppa Top 10: Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes + Faux-hall Parodies

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September 19, 2012

9. Prince Paul (feat. Mr. Dead and Newkirk), “Boston Top”

[audio:|titles=12 The Boston Top]

Prince Paul is a producer known for, among other things, inventing the hip-hop skit (with De La Soul’s 1989 debut, 3 Feet High and Rising), and his solo LPs, which include the original hip-hop opera Prince Among Thieves, tend to be more notable for their comedy than their musicality. Among the “cases” onย 2005’s itsTRUmental, a parody of Law and Order-style cop shows, was “Boston Top,” a song, Paul told me in a 2005 interview for XLR8R, that was inspired by a “true story of buying a Boston cream donut where the icing came off like a magic shell in one piece.” It’s not clear why Paul (or, more specifically, guest vocalists Mr. Dead and Newkirk) decided to relate this story in patois over a dancehall riddim, but with lines like “Oh lawwwdd…another cream is dying,” we’re glad they did.