May 10, 2017

Words by Kaci Hamilton
Photos by Martei Korley


Late-night blackjack, exotic ports of call… we’re taking some risks on the high seas with bold patterns and flowing silhouettes for cruising this summer. Follow Rachel undercover aboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas on the Welcome to Jamrock Reggae Cruise as she channels her best Honey Ryder.

MK_RV_BlueNikki2Even secret agents go on vacation. Billowing and bold, it’s time to go ashore.

Dress: The Nikki by Martine’s Dream

MK_RVBondGirl_ComboThis red, green and gold tunic serves up a lethal dose of camouflage, as she becomes a local in disguise.  

Swimsuit: Model’s own
Tunic: The Dahlia by Martine’s Dream

MK_RV-9752 copyFirst up is a swim in the healing waters of Montego Bay’s Doctor’s Cave Beach. No shells to be found, however, amid the caverns of the aging pier.

MK_RV_Beach_CU_Comb-1Salt-kissed, she casts a watchful glance behind her, daring you to come closer.

MK_RV_Nikki_Dress_Beach_CombThe sun begins to set, dappling the gunmetal waves. It’s time for a martini. Shaken, of course. Never stirred.

Dress: The Nikki by Martine’s Dream

MK_RV-1916 copyBack on the Independence of The Seas, our agent indulges recording artist Kabaka Pyramid with tales from the field.

MK_WTJRC2016_-7375 copyA quick change into a plunging LBD and top knot disguises her from the watchful eye of Spectre.

MK_RV-Gamble_ComboShall she try her luck with the slots? A black pique mini-dress is the surefire lucky charm.

MK_RVFalls_ComboThe femme fatale awaits her mark at the Ruins restaurant, an original location from the first James Bond film, Dr. No.

Top: Model’s own
Butterfly-print skirt: Martine’s Dream

MK_RVBridge_CombEver the chameleon, she is part vixen, part ingenue.

Dress: The Nikki by Martine’s Dream

MK_Konjo_IG_NikkiThe mission must come to an end. The final report? Go with the flow.

Tam: Konjo Crochet
Pendant: Isamar Designs