LargeUp TV: Collie Buddz in NYC

August 12, 2010

Words: DJ Gravy ::: Photos: Martei Korley

Collie Budz01
Badman Collie Buddz inna Chinatown:
Jacket by Man vs. Machine
Jeans by H&M
Sneakers by Nike Sportswear
Sunglasses by Carrera

When Bermudan reggae crossover artist Collin Harper, aka Collie Buddz, came to New York to perform at Rice and Peas, we knew we had to get something exclusive with him, and it had to be dope. We decided with some fresh threads, Collie would make for a great fashion shoot. We hit up stylist Carolyn Castro who pulled some seriously fly gear from Nike Sportswear, Boundless, Carrera and some other brands, and took Collie around Chinatown for some gritty, authentically downtown backdrops plus some shots at Santos Party House, where he had just sound-checked for the big show.

Mr. Harper was super cool and gave Carolyn and Largeup’s own Martei Korley total creative control, he was humble and cooperative about the shoot and we have the pics and flicks to prove it!

Collie Budz05cropFLAT

Collie Budz10

Hoodie by Nike Sportswear
Jeans by LRG
Sneakers by Nike Sportswear
Eye Wear by Carrera

Collie Budz18
Feeling the love!
T-Shirt by Boundless NY
Leather Jacket by Man vs. Machine
Eye Wear by Carrera