Toppa Top 10: Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes + Faux-hall Parodies

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September 19, 2012

4. Sani Showbizz, “Big Piece Of Chicken”

Sani Showbizz, a send-up of early ’80’s dancehall chatters (think Eek-A-Mouse’s flow with Barrington Levy’s clothes) inhabited by Jamaican producer/comedian Asani Morris (the same guy behind Prince Zimboo, of Major Lazer fame), made it onto our first Fake Reggae Toppa Top 10 with his “I Know,” but he’s outdone himself with his just-released “Big Piece of Chicken” video. A do-for-yourself themed motivational anthem (“If you ask me for something/And I give you chicken wing/No need to get upset because a breast you didnโ€™t get,” “Work for what you want so you seed and grow your own plant/Donโ€™t be a freakinโ€™ leech”) informed by Jamaica’s obsession with “Kentucky,” (or, as Americans now know it, KFC), “Big Piece” is a hilarious 2012 answer to Tiger’s “No Wanga Gut.”