Toppa Top 10: Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes + Faux-hall Parodies

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September 19, 2012

7. 10cc, “Dreadlock Holiday”

Not a parody in the purest sense, “Dreadlock Holiday” could probably be the basis for another Top 10 post on weird, random forays by rock bands into reggae. The sly British art rock band 10cc’s “Dreadlock Holdiday” was done in a “post-modern ironic style,” as the narration at the end of this Top of the Pops clip (which is unfortunately un-embedable) puts it, spoofing outsider notions of Jamaica while also, in a way, embodying them. While the song’s lyrics (in which a tourist narrator is accosted by a Jamaican thug who tries to relieve him of his chain) have their questionable aspects, anyone who doubts that the words “I don’t like Jamaica…I love it!” come from a sincere place should probably rent the movie, The Lunatic. The beloved yardie comedy starring Paul Campbell was directed by none other than 10cc guitarist Lol Creme. And, yes, his name really is Lol Creme.