LargeUp Premiere: Pop Style Music’s Better Must Come Riddim

May 13, 2021

Better Must Come Riddim

Pop Style Music, the record label and production house known for its work with artists like Charly Blacks and Serani, comes through with the Better Must Come Riddim featuring a heavyweight roster of OGs and young veterans.

Those artists would be Keznamdi (โ€œNatty Dreadlocksโ€), Sizzla (โ€œJust U and Iโ€), Tosh Alexander (โ€œBetter Must Come”), Bugle (“Love You Everydayโ€), Ce’cile (โ€œBoy Byeโ€) and Romain Virgo (โ€œIf You Knowโ€).

The title comes from the Delroy Wilson reggae classic, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. It’s a title well suited to the current climate, as bright optimism for the future finally begins to seep through months of pandemic-induced darkness. Suitably, the tracks on the riddim are mostly bright and upful. The standout track and lead single being a return to form from Sizzla in โ€œJust U and I.โ€ It’s been some time since we’ve seen a hit from Kalonji, but watch out for this one.

โ€œWe originally recorded โ€˜Better Must Comeโ€™ with Tosh Alexander in the midst of the pandemic,โ€ Pop Styleโ€™s Reyene Mattis says. โ€œThe original by Delroy Wilson was a favorite of ours and we wanted to revisit it to help spread a message of hope at a time when the future didnโ€™t look too bright. Itโ€™s 50 years since that track was originally released too so we are paying homage to such a classic song.โ€

In a throwback to the 2000s/CD era of reggae riddims (and possibly a first in the streaming era), the project is being released to DSPs like Spotify and Apple Music with a one-track mix featuring all of the songs on the riddim mixed up in a juggling style.

Until then, enjoy all six tracks and that juggling mix here, thanks to the good folks at Pop Style.