Toppa Top 10: Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes + Faux-hall Parodies

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September 19, 2012

Words by Jesse Serwerโ€”

As our original Fake Reggae Toppa Top 10โ€”featuring the likes of Ras Trent, Mr. Ugly Man and Eddie Murphy’s “Kill the White People”โ€”made abundantly clear, there’s been no shortage of hilarious spoofs of reggae and dancehall over the years. You could say that few music styles lend themselves more easily to parodyโ€”whatever “Gangnam Style” is excepted. We decided it was time for a rundown of all of the best fake reggae and faux-hall spoofs that we missed that first time, plus some new ones that have popped up since then. Pull up a chair, roll up something or other, and try not to laugh too hard.