Rules of D Road: The Dos and Don’ts of Wining

March 3, 2014

Words by Tishanna Williams and Jam Central:::Photos by Colin Williams and Reid Van Renesse


It’s Carnival Monday in Trinidad—for those of you lucky enough to be playing mas in Port of Spain, that likely means the start of two days of non-stop wining. Trini Carnival basically is to wining what the Olympics are to sports: it’s where the best of the best come to prove themselves, in a show of ultimate endurance.

Now, winin’ up pon the opposite sex might seem like a lawless activity that requires little forethought, but any experienced bacchanalist knows that that’s not the case. So we tapped our Trini/soca correspondents Tishanna Williams and DJ Jam Central to lay down d rules of d road and write us a manual of wine commandments. Read carefully… and safe winin’.