Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Reggae’s Toppa Top Food Tunes

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December 9, 2014

2. Super Cat “Vineyard Party”


Thereโ€™s an entire subset of reggae and dancehall songs in which food is employed as a sustained metaphor in a way that it actually becomes, in essence, a tribute to Jamaican cuisine, even if thatโ€™s not really what the song is about. (See almost anything by Lovindeer). Such is the case with Super Catโ€™s โ€œVineyard Party.โ€ The tune is a masterful parable for Jamaican society from dancehallโ€™s Don Dada, but his literal rundown of the islandโ€™s homegrown vegetables is so thoroughly mouthwatering that itโ€™s almost impossible to resist the urge to eatโ€”or gardenโ€“after listening. โ€”Jesse Serwer