Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Reggae’s Toppa Top Food Tunes

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December 9, 2014

6. Early B – “Sunday Dish”

Early B continues our claim that Jamaican reggae music is the most health-conscious music genre. On โ€œSunday Dish,โ€ the deejay pioneer rattles off every ingredient of his recipe, then states, โ€œto eat it every Sunday is the doctorโ€™s wish.โ€ These three minutes are a guide to sustenance, listing natural ingredientsโ€”garlic, scallion, coconut, rice and peas, and red snapper fish. If Early B did in fact have this dish every Sunday of his adult life, making it would be as effortless as explaining it in rhyme. Memorizing the recipe, or rather the lyrics, is easy because the mouth-watering verse is so nice, Early B repeats it twice. โ€”Richard โ€œTreatsโ€ Dryden