Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Reggae’s Toppa Top Food Tunes

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December 9, 2014

BONUS TREAT: Musical Youth “Pass the Dutchie”

A Dutch pot isnโ€™t something you buy in a coffee shop in Amsterdam but a cast-iron cookware found in most any Caribbean (or Dutch) household. (Yankees may know it as a โ€œcasserole dishโ€). When kiddie group Musical Youth decided to put their spin on the Mighty Diamondsโ€™ classic ganja tune โ€œPass the Kutchieโ€ โ€”a maneuver that resulted in their biggest hit and, in fact, one of the most widely recognizable reggae tunes of all-timeโ€”they had to change the lyrics. (It not exactly being OK at the timeโ€”or now, for that matterโ€”for likkle pickney dem to sing about weed). The result was โ€œPass the Dutchie,โ€ a song that turned the Diamondsโ€™ ganja anthem into an unlikely tribute to a household staple. โ€”Jesse Serwer