Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: Reggae’s Toppa Top Food Tunes

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December 9, 2014

BONUS HOLIDAY TREAT: Yellowman – โ€œBreadfruit Roasting on an Open Fireโ€

Yellowman flipped the script. He sang the Grace Jamaican Ketchup jingle on his big tune, โ€œMad Over Me.โ€ But he took his remix skills to the next level when he covered Nat King Coleโ€™s โ€œChristmas Song.โ€ Yellowman started with breadfruit roasting on an open fireโ€”instead of chestnutsโ€”which opened the floodgates for him to shout out almost all of the best-tasting dishes in Jamaica. The song is an invitation for kids to visit his home for year-round delights from cornmeal porridge, to mackerel and rundown, because these Jamaican foods are good for your body and they make you feel irie. Compared to Santa Claus, he does more to feed others, instead of dropping off gifts in exchange for filling his stomach with cookies and milk. – Richard โ€œTreatsโ€ Dryden