Toppa Top 10: London’s Best Caribbean Food Gems

August 15, 2017


True Flavours
101 Acre Ln, Brixton, London SW2 5TU

Asked what a first timer should try at True Flavours in Brixton, South London, owner and head chef Junior gleefully responds, โ€œMy Peppered Steak!โ€ Juniorโ€™s technique of slow-cooked simmered steak accompanied by chillies and a synthesis of spices in a classic Jamaica Sun dutch pot may have even influenced the name of the restaurant.

Like a parent asked to choose their favourite offspring, itโ€™s hard for Junior to name another favorite, but the golden fried fish โ€” cooked with precision, it walks the fine line between a light crisp exterior and juicy interior โ€” stands out. Luckily, for those who canโ€™t choose between the two, an โ€œoff-the-boardโ€ Surf and Turf option is available, if you ask nicely.

Thereโ€™s hardly a quiet moment at True Flavours, during its 12 hours of operation from 11 to 11. With only a few seats to either side of the shop, youโ€™ll have to stand your ground to get your order heard!