Toppa Top 10: London’s Best Caribbean Food Gems

August 15, 2017


Mister Patty
48 Craven Park Rd, Harlesden, London NW10 4AE

Throw a dart and you can hit a Caribbean food stop in Northwest Londonโ€™s Harlesden area these days. But this hasnโ€™t always been the case. In the 1960s, the Fong family, led by Mr. Roy, sought to create a Caribbean treat emulating the soft and flaky patty made prominent in Kingston, Jamaica by the likes of Bruceโ€™s and Tasteeโ€™s Bakery.

Mister Pattyโ€™s shop has a homey feel, adorned with an original Island Designs Jamaica map ย โ€”ย a visual mainstay of Jamaican businesses and households across the Diaspora. Whilst the sunny, yellow style of patties have come to be the dominant style of patty, those of the older generation will tell you things werenโ€™t always this way. Delicately soft patties similar to English Cornish pastries used to be the order of the day. These old style of patties are a real treat for those who either remember the origins of Mr. Patty or were handed down the legend from their elders, and theyโ€™re available in a myriad of flavours to choose from.