LargeUp TV: Boundless Skate Team

June 10, 2011

A LargeUp Exclusive Webisode – Words by LargeUp Crew, Photos and Video by Martei Korley


You might recall the piece we did last year on the Nurdz Republic skate crew, who have been putting in work as ambassadors for skateboarding in Jamaica. We found a similar story here in Brooklyn and tagged along with the Boundless NY Skate Team in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn. The guys at the Boundless store on the neighborhood’s South Side (AKA Los Sures) noticed local kids from the heavily Puerto Rican and Dominican neighborhood were tearing it up and setting the trends as the first skaters in their hood. Boundless took them under their wing to nurture their talent and passion for skating, and these youths really take reppin’ the Boundless brand to the next level. We followed the crew through the streets of Williamsburg and local landmark McCarren Park, and they were noticeably supportive of one another and fun to document. We were impressed by their camaraderie and stylish sensibilities.

Gabe Almonte and his brother, Dwaynne, who wasn’t available for this shoot, are leaders within their crew, which also includes Ernesto Soto, Santos Collazo, Jr and Peter Caba, all featured here. These guys are making moves and, as Ernesto says, “skate the streets til the sun drop.” ย  Watch the exclusive webisode below, and jump for more flicks from the shoot.