Toppa Top 10: London’s Best Caribbean Food Gems


Horizon Bakery
Unit 8, 14 Bull Ln, Edmonton, London N18 1SX

To the far north of the city, an unassuming factory in an industrial park easily produces some of the best Trinidadian food in the whole country.

The origins of Horizon Bakery, now the largest producer of Trinidadian-style roti in Britain, emerged out of the desire of one family to transplant their home island staple to the other side of the Atlantic. As owner Sheldon Hosein jests, “Back in the days when our English mates would come over they’d always end up licking the plates dry.”

Horizon isn’t open to the public seven days. Regular, mammoth orders from high street restaurants means that the early part of the week is devoted to commercial production. Between Thursdays and Saturdays, however, the bakery’s premises is packed out the door with loyal customers from all corners of London and beyond. Its also a great place to find out about the next soca fête, with all of the flyers left there!