Bam Bam!: 12 Times Hip-Hop Sampled, Remixed + Flipped Sister Nancy

Cam’Ron-Bum Bum (2007)

Cam'Ron Public Enemy

Cam’Ron doesn’t always hit the mark, but the colorful Harlem rapper is always entertaining — and he never passes up an opportunity to rep his taste for Jamaican takeout. On this track from his 2007 comeback mixtape Public Enemy #1, he mentions beef patties, coco bread and oxtail (“Gal need advice, told her we can eat a bite/Ate the oxtails/You can keep the rice”), all over a tasty sound bed sampled from “Bam Bam.” For more Dip Set anthems with a Caribbean flavor, check out this LargeUp Toppa Top 10, or cue up Corey Chase and DJ Gravy’s Double Barrel mixtape: it opens with Sanchez’s “One In a Million,” as sampled on Cam’Ron and crew’s “Dip Set Anthem.”