Bam Bam!: 12 Times Hip-Hop Sampled, Remixed + Flipped Sister Nancy

Main Source – Just Hanging Out (1991)

In Jamaica, “Bam Bam” was overshadowed by “One Two,” another Riley-produced single from Sister Nancy released the same year. In fact, as Nancy told us in 2012, it wasn’t until the late ‘90s, after she had relocated to New Jersey, that she became aware of the song’s popularity in the States, in either reggae or hip-hop.

According to, the web’s most exhaustive archive for hip-hop samples, the earliest rap record to take pieces from Nancy’s version of “Bam Bam” was this 1991 single from Queens, NY trio Main Source’s classic debut, Breaking Atoms — an album perhaps better known for giving the world its first taste of Nas, on “Live at the Barbecue.”