Bam Bam!: 12 Times Hip-Hop Sampled, Remixed + Flipped Sister Nancy

February 16, 2016

Main Source – Just Hanging Out (1991)

In Jamaica, โ€œBam Bamโ€ was overshadowed by โ€œOne Two,โ€ another Riley-produced single from Sister Nancy released the same year. In fact, as Nancy told us in 2012, it wasnโ€™t until the late โ€˜90s, after she had relocated to New Jersey, that she became aware of the songโ€™s popularity in the States, in either reggae or hip-hop.

According to, the webโ€™s most exhaustive archive for hip-hop samples, the earliest rap record to take pieces from Nancyโ€™s version of โ€œBam Bamโ€ was this 1991 single from Queens, NY trio Main Sourceโ€™s classic debut, Breaking Atoms โ€” an album perhaps better known for giving the world its first taste of Nas, onย โ€œLive at the Barbecue.โ€