Bam Bam!: 12 Times Hip-Hop Sampled, Remixed + Flipped Sister Nancy

February 16, 2016

Kanye West – Famous (2016)

Much like The Life of Pablo as a whole, there is a Frankenstein-like quality to โ€œFamous.โ€ The chorus from Rihanna, the hard-hitting, Mobb Deep-like beat Kanye raps over, the Nina Simone song the track suddenly ends with โ€” it all feels like three different songs, (if not more) pulled into one. The sample of โ€œBam Bamโ€ doesnโ€™t arrive until nearly two minutes in, and its connection to the rest of the song is tenuous, but it’s easily the best part of an otherwise unfocused song. Hey, we’re on board with anything that leads to more club play for Mumma Nancy. LargeUp yuhself, Mr. West!

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Stream โ€œFamousโ€ at Tidal.