Bam Bam!: 12 Times Hip-Hop Sampled, Remixed + Flipped Sister Nancy

February 16, 2016

Kat DeLuna – Bum Bum (2015)


Kat Deluna isn’t a rapper, but the Dominican songstress from the Bronx brought nuff swagger to this slept-on, radio-friendly flip of โ€œBam Bam.โ€

Released last spring, Katโ€™s โ€œBum Bumโ€ had all the elements to be a smash: Those arresting horns from the Stalag riddim, a verse and chorus from Trey Songz (which took a page out of Shaggy and Rayvon’s “It Wasn’t Me”), and a very NSFW video that will steam up your contact lenses. If you’re still reading, welcome back from the cold shower. Though she echoes the words of Sister Nancy’s classic, Kat also seems to be taking inspiration from Lauryn Hill’s โ€œLost Ones,โ€ specifically how she turned What a bam bam into What a bum bum. (Although in her case, Lauryn was referring to a deadbeat guy, and not her ass).

Overall, it was a strong effort by the Bronx native, who’s no stranger to dancehall: she made her debut back in 2009, when she linked up with Elephant Man and Ivy Queen for โ€œWhine Up.โ€ Why โ€œBum Bumโ€ never got the push it deserved is anyone’s guess.