Fashion Fridays: An Interview with Rebels to Dons’ Joshua Joseph

July 4, 2014


LU: What suits do you wear?

JJ: Jill Sanders and Dior. One of the designers who really inspires me is Boris Bidjan, his stuff is amazing. Heโ€™s not one of those designers people will know by name but if you Google his stuff, he truly is an influence.

LU: One thing you have in your collection is a mesh marina, which has been a staple of Caribbean menโ€™s fashion for a long time. But thatโ€™s a basic garment you usually get on the corner. Why did you include that and what did you want to bring to the table with your version of it?

JJ: Growing up in Trinidad, that would be the most important essential to have when running through the streets. Rebeling in these streets. That is like a rebel souvenir. You gotta have that. Itโ€™s a set foundation in Trinidad or Jamaica. Weโ€™re bringing back the old days when you would wear them in the summertime as a vest or tank top. Itโ€™s been a part of the culture for a long time.