Fashion Fridays: An Interview with Rebels to Dons’ Joshua Joseph


LU: Who do you see wearing “Dons”?

JJ: Tiger Woods. Mayweather. These guys work hard all their lives to be where they’re at. I feel like the only thing I could do for them is highlight them by making a good garment up to their standards.

LU: Who are some people wearing your clothes?

JJ: Omar Epps, Marlon Wayans, Tylor the Creator, Theophilus London, members of his band, this guy Jordan Watts. These guys shop with me. We had Joey Badass reaching out. We were in talks with Bruno Mars to do a tophat or fedora. We are getting there. It’s not the end of the dream but I’m actually living through my dream right now. I used to be in Trinidad and wish I could be with my parents and wish I had the opportunities to do everything I wanted to do in life. I’ve always looked up to the idea of doing something for myself, owning my own company, and now here I am. I’m a true example of a Rebel to a Don. I ain’t a don to have a million dollars but I’m the don to come from nothing to something, and now I own a business.

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