Fashion Fridays: An Interview with Rebels to Dons’ Joshua Joseph

July 4, 2014


LargeUp: Tell us who you are, and how you got your start in fashion design?

Joshua Joseph: My name is Joshua Joseph, the owner and creator of Rebels to Dons. My first pieces came working with my dad.

LU: Who is your dad?

JJ: My dad goes by the name Opio. Heโ€™s a designer based out of Brooklyn whoโ€™s been designing for over 40 years for celebrities and local people living in New York and all around. Heโ€™s well known in the Rastafarian world.

LU: So you apprenticed under your father as a kid?ย 

JJ: When I was 16 I came from Trinidad to New York and, after getting to meet him after all these years, his vision for me was to start doing what heโ€™s doing. At first I didnโ€™t understand what he was trying to get me to do. But as time passed I got to understand: He was trying to teach me the craft. From the time I made up my mind to learn the craft, that was it.

LU: And it was leather mainly you were working with?

JJ: When I started, I was messing up expensive leather. Iโ€™m sure I probably wasted over $5,000 in my dadโ€™s workshop trying to create some nonsense, or Iโ€™d come up with an idea and think I have it but I donโ€™t. It started with me playing with the material, trying to make little accessories. The first piece I ever made myself and designed was a leather and denim vest that came out of my dadโ€™s workshop.

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