Fashion Fridays: An Interview with Rebels to Dons’ Joshua Joseph

July 4, 2014


LU: Have you designed formal wear?ย 

JJ: This is what is coming in the second collection. This is the type of things I am trying to do. Dons is different than Rebels. Dons is cuff links, [pocket] squares, straight menโ€™s attire. I want it to be like โ€œHey, I got on Dons.โ€ โ€œWhat kind of suit is that?โ€ โ€œDons.โ€ People should see the level of the suit and the energy behind that suit. I want to bring it up there on that caliber for guys who are doing well in life. A man who works hard enough that he can afford to purchase something nice for himself. Thatโ€™s Dons. Rebels is more the streetwear.

LU: So what would you say have you done so far?

JJ: Iโ€™ve done Rebels to Dons, I havenโ€™t broken down the brand yet. My clothes [are a] mixture of streetwear and high-end fashion. Thatโ€™s why I did a tunic. The extra-long look represents the streets, the buttons represent the formal look. We did little details and played with it and thatโ€™s the first collection. It was called โ€œRise of the Rebel.โ€ The second collection now, Iโ€™m really trying to break it down, and not separate it but set the lanes for the brand. Youโ€™re going to know when youโ€™re wearing Rebels or Dons pieces. Wherever you go, we want to represent the streets and what happens in the streets. and what we wear in the streets. Iโ€™m not just focused on New York and Trinidad, Iโ€™m trying to reach all the rebels around the world, and all the big dons around the world same way. We’re telling them โ€œHey, I want to highlight you guys.โ€ Some people do things and itโ€™s all subliminal, but there’s no messages within my brand. What you see is what you get: Very masculine menโ€™s wear.

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