Toppa Top 21: 21 Artists To Watch For 2014

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January 27, 2014

14. Jah Banks

If you’ve tuned into our radio show, The LargeUp Sessions, lately, you should already be familiar with Jah Banks. The Brooklyn-born Jamaican is definitely LargeUp family. But don’t shout nepotism just yet. Play his tune “Take A Ride” (catch it in the video below) a few times and try to stop yourself from singing, Nah we nuh fuk wit likkle eediat bwoy. Then check some of his other tunes and tell us his loose blend of throwback hip-hop (think Fu-Schnickens or Da Bush Babees), reggae and current club sounds isn’t a refreshing breath of fresh air.ย  โ€”Jesse Serwer