Toppa Top 21: 21 Artists To Watch For 2014

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January 27, 2014

1. Jesse Royal

As much chatter as we’ve heard about the reggae revival, one of the movement’s key players is still seriously underrated. With a few years of catalog already behind him, Jesse Royal dropped one of our favorite mixtapes, In Comes the Small Axe, in 2013, showcasing his knack for big, Jr. Gong-style anthems and his outspoken views on Jamaica’s political system. While the accolades and media hype didn’t come as quickly and strongly as it did some of his peers, that’s alright because it’s looking like 2014 is going to be his year. Having heard some of the music he’s got in store and having caught several of his recent performances in Jamaica, we’re fully expecting Jesse to emerge into a major figure in Jamaican music for a long time to come. Read our interview with him here. and catch him alongside Sons of Dub in our Meditations video series below.ย  โ€”Jesse Serwer