Toppa Top 21: 21 Artists To Watch For 2014

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January 27, 2014

12. Wayne J

From Dennis Brown to Beenie Man and Machel Montano, some of the Caribbean’s most notable artists got their start when they were barely old enough to tie their shoes. Just 10 years old, Wayne J looks set to continue the tradition and become Jamaica’s first child dancehall star since QQ hit the scene nearly a decade back.

With performances alongside Ninjaman (above, at Capleton’s annual St. Mary A Mi Come From concert in 2012) and Super Cat (at Sting last month) already under his belt, the pre-pubescent protege recently dropped an EP, A Wayne J Enuh, featuring the single “18 or Older.” We caught up with Wayne and his team at Rebel Salute last weekend, and we hear the kid’s already got hundreds of songs in the bag, so expect to be hearing much, much more from him. โ€”Jesse Serwer