Toppa Top 21: 21 Artists To Watch For 2014

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January 27, 2014

2. Samantha J
Photo: Kevin Ornelas

Grabbing the attention of both local and international media right out the gate with her first single “Tight Skirt,”ย Samantha J had no intention of creeping quietly onto the scene. The dancehall-pop singer from Ocho Rios could be seen everywhere from 106 & Park to HLN in the latter part of 2013, as she hit the road to do promo and meet fans. She only has one song to her credit at this point, but if the other tunes on her upcoming album are anything like the the acoustic preview she gave us recently, then we can’t wait to see what else this budding artist has in store for 2014. Watch her unplugged performance of “Tight Skirt” below, and read our interview with Samantha here. โ€”Michellee Nelson