LargeUp Interview: Samantha J, The New Face of Jamaican Pop

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November 19, 2013


LU: As a young artist, you have to be a role model for female, younger fans, while also saying hey, you can still have fun. How do you find a balance?

SJ: With โ€œTight Skirt,โ€ it’s not edgy to the point where it’s a bad influence, because actually it’s uplifting. It’s talking about us girls being confident and loving how you look. There is nothing wrong with saying sometimes, “I know I look good!” It’s just helping to build confidence.

LU: Talk about your style a little bit.

SJ: My style is always different. I love bright colors but today I’m wearing dark. I love leather and studs and silver and gold and glitter. Edgy but young and fresh.

LU: What are some of your thoughts on fashion in Jamaica?

SJ: Fashion in Jamaica is different. It’s kind of influenced by America now but when you go deep into Jamaica you can see the real dress. You can tell when you see a Jamaican.

LU: Dancing is prominently featured in your “Tight Skirt” video. How has the dance scene in Jamaica influenced your music?

SJ: In Jamaica, dancing is a part of the culture. Music and dancing just comes together because Jamaica is dancehall. I didn’t even really have to do much rehearsals. Of course I had to for the video, but it was natural.

LU: Have you always kept up with the new dances?

SJ: Always. Growing up you just know themโ€”Weddy-weddy, Willie Bounce and all these dances.

LU: So you’ve been One Dropping it lately?

SJ: Yeah, I actually do โ€œOne Dropโ€ in the video.

LU: Who are the dancers in your video?

SJ: They are actually two young ladies I met in Kingston. One is Raquel, and the other has a really cool name I don’t remember [laughing],ย  and she’s gorgeous, too.

LU: What about the guys?

SJ: You know how Jamaicans just love to dance? They weren’t a part of the choreography, they just came in, and they could dance. We were playing the song, and it was just natural so everybody’s just dancing. It looks like choreography [but] it’s actually just us having fun.

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