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July 1, 2020

The well that is Vybz Kartel‘s music catalog is practically bottomless. Well over 1,000 tracks deep, the World Boss’ ouevre has more than doubled in the nine years since he hasย  arrested on a marijuana bust and subsequently charged with two separate murders. It’s an astounding figure that speaks to his complicated legacy as one of the most confounding and prolific living artists in any genre.

Kartel’s discography is remarkably broad and diverse for an artist who essentially operates in a single genre โ€” dancehall. Itโ€™s a tall order even for dedicated fans to parse through, and make sense of it all. While some regard him as a sex- and violence-obsessed vulgarian, others rightly recognize him as a musical chameleon who’s as skilled at crafting soap opera-like romantic sagas as he is at spinning hard-hitting cultural critiques.

After encountering some misguided assessments of his catalog on social media recently, we wanted to make a playlist that would express the full breadth of Di Teacha’s catalog while offering an an illuminating and invigorating listen for everyone from Day 1 fans to newcomers who just learned about โ€œFever.โ€ So we’ve gathered the essential classics, lost hits and deep cuts, going from Kartel’s days with Bounty Killer all of the way up to his latest release, Of Dons and Divas.

Stream The Kartel 100 now on Apple Music and Pandora, featuring original artwork by Robin Clare.

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The Kartel 100 Full Tracklist:

Clarks (feat. Popcaan & Gaza Slim)
Benz P****i
Dollar Sign
Straight Jeans & Fitted (feat. Russian)
You a Me Baby
Cake Soap
Mhm Hm
Any Weather
Money Me a Look
Western Union
Credit Alone Done
Worl Boss
Mr. Officer
Touch a Button
Bike Back
Breast Specialist feat. Beanie Man
New Millenium (feat. Wayne Marshall)
Go Go Wine
Dancehall Hero
Love Dem/Gallis Anthem
Dumpa Truck
My Money (Ha Ha)
Empire Army
Freaky Gal, Pt. 1 (Juleen)
Freaky Gal, Pt. 2
Get Gal Anywhere (feat. Rvssian)
You and Him Deh (feat. Sheba)
Gal A Weh Me Do You (feat. Sheba)
Come Breed Me (feat. Gaza Indu)
Romping Shop (feat. Spice)
Loodi (with Shenseea)
Mamacita (feat. J Capri)
Go Go Club
Half on a Baby
One Phone Call
Ever Blessed
Miami Vice Episode
Mi Nuh Trust People
Summer Time
Punany A Mi Best Friend
Do Di Maths
Yabba Dabba Doo
Uptop Gaza (feat. Teejay)
Hey Addi
Cute Rider (Reggaeton Mix)
Bicycle Ride
U Nuh Have A Phone (Hello Moto)
Brooklyn Anthem
Pon Di Floor (with Major Lazer)
Gun Session (feat. Shabba Ranks, Akon and Sizzla)
Sweet to the Belly
Sen On
Picture This
Beyonce Wine
Nah Let Go
Nuh Fraid (Never Scared)
Gwaan So
Kill Dem
Nuh Permission
One Way
Come Home
Little Lady
Start Well
Gal Clown (with Bounty Killer)
In My Eyes (with Bounty Killer and Wayne Marshall)
Street Pharmacist
Something Ah Go Happen
Real Badman
Put It On Hard
Wine (Whine)
Pound of Rice
Wine to the Top (with Wizkid)
Hold Me
Slow Motion
Turn & Wine
Tell You Say
Under Water
Colouring this Life
World Government
About Us
Watch Over Us
Real Youth
Without Money
Yuh Love
Gonโ€™ Get Better
Thank You Jah
Life Sweet