LargeUp Interview: Samantha J, The New Face of Jamaican Pop

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November 19, 2013


LU: When did you start singing? How did you get started?

SJ: I’ve been singing since I could talk but I started to record about a year [ago] now. I started out modeling in Jamaica. Conroy Forte from Washroom Entertainmentโ€”he’s the producer of “Tight Skirt”โ€”we recorded a song and he ended up loving it. So he brought it to Gary Bernstein and now I’m international [laughs].

LU: Are you surprised at the fanbase you have already?

It’s grown so fast it’s crazy. I’m actually on tour with Andrea Russett, who is a Youtube celebrity so her fans and my fans meet up in the same place and we have a big meet and greet.

LU: The concept for your “Tight Skirt” video was based off Britney Spears?

SJ: Well, maybe the classroom in the beginning.

LU: …And the outfits.

SJ: Yeah, and the outfitsโ€”it has that feel. The video was shot in downtown Kingston, which is really different, and thereโ€™s a lot of dancehall choreography in it.

LU: Are you a fan of Britney’s?

SJ:ย  I love Britney. I listen to all of her songs.

LU: Would you say that she is an influence?

SJ: I would say so. She and Rihanna.

LU: So, you are from Ocho Rios…

SJ: Yeah, it’s one of [Jamaica’s] main tourist attractions. It’s really small compared to anywhere up here but it’s home.

LU: Thereโ€™s tourist Ochi, but how would you describe your Ochi, the real Ochi?

SJ: Well I don’t deal with the tourist stuff all the time. There is Mystic Mountain and Tranquility Cove, and a lot of rivers [but] I like to stay home.

LU: What?! You’re 17 and already a homebody?

SJ: I have to be really disciplined, but I like to go out. If there’s a little party or a dance I’ll go with my friends, or the movies…

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