LargeUp Interview: Samantha J, The New Face of Jamaican Pop

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November 19, 2013


LU: Tell us about your plans for upcoming singles.

SJ: I have a couple singles I’m working on and an album. I have this song called “Run Come,” and another called “Angel.” They’re not all uptempo, but I think we’re going to stay more uptempo because that’s what everyone’s expecting and then maybe for the third or fourth it will be something different.

LU: I hear you also do photography.

SJ: Yeah, I do it for fun. I love to paint and draw, that’s my hobby. I like to sketch animals, flowers and people. I paint anything, mostly abstract things.

LU: So you are an artist in the full sense of the word?

SJ: Anything that deals with creativity I just love it. Even cooking.

LU: Are these are your first shows you’re playing right now?

SJ: This is actually a radio promo tour [so] Iโ€™ve only done minor performances like in radio stations and things like that. I did a performance in Jamaica in August in front of 5,000 people. The single had only been released a week at that time, but surprisingly everybody in the crowd knew it. I was like Oh my God, my first single. This was in Portmore, Jamworld.

LU: Did it feel natural to you to be up there in front if so many people?

SJ: When I got up there I got the feeling that’s where I needed to beโ€”onstage.

LU: What are some of the interesting responses you’ve gotten?

SJ: Everybody’s loving it. Of course, once you’re international you automatically have haters. But the fans back me up. If you look on my Youtube page, you see fans putting other people in their place because theyโ€™ll say, ‘Oh she’s not Jamaican, she’s white.’ Even though I am Jamaican. The motto if Jamaica is out of many, one people. Everybody there is not going to be colored dark, you see different-looking people.