Toppa Top 10: Biggie’s 10 Best Jamaican References

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Words by Jesse Serwer—


This Saturday, May 21, would be the 39th birthday birthday of one Christopher Wallace. Every Biggie fan knows of his Jamaican roots, but lesser known is the degree to which patois dialect and dancehall music informed his lyrics. While some instances are dead obvious—stop your bloodclot crying—others require some more explanation. In the spirit of the late Frank White, we figured we’d hit you with a little Biggie 101, so those that don’t know… now you know.

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7 Responses

  1. bboycult

    I am partial to “I’m big gun cock pop…you jus a lickle vicious”

    reference to the young dancehall kid ‘Lil Vicious’.

  2. Rollin

    It comes from Marked for Death a 1991 Steven seagal movie. Screw face says it to seagals sister. It was hilarious.

  3. Rollin

    Bam Bam not from sister nancy, but another song, probably shabba ranks. Send fi di matic and magnum fi kill battieman bam! Bam!

    • Bri Fari

      JAMAICA FESTIVAL ­ a national salute to local talent and ingenuity ­ in local vernacular ­ “a bam bam.” How appropriate that the phrase introduced to the nation in 1966 by Toots and the Maytals in their winning festival song, can be used to aptly describe Jamaica Festival itself.

  4. BiggieFan

    “Every Biggie fan knows he was Jamaican.” Uh no. He was born in the USA to Jamaican parents. Celebrate his art and the influence his Jamaican heritage had upon it but don’t misinform people.

    • Jesse Serwer

      Since when does being born in the USA to Jamaican parents make someone not Jamaican? Biggie was Jamaican. An American-born Jamaican, but a Jamaican nonetheless.


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