Toppa Top 10: Biggieโ€™s 10 Best Jamaican References

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May 17, 2011



Lyric/Song: โ€œThatโ€™s how I got the weed spot: I shot dread in the head, took the bread and the lambsbreadโ€โ€” โ€œMSG Freestyleโ€/โ€œCome Onโ€

Reference: This is kind of two references in one, speaking both to the prevalence of dreadlock-operated weed operations in early ’90s NYC, and the particularly green and sticky strain of Jamaica-grown collie known as lambsbread. On another note, while most people know these lines from the infamous “MSG Freestyle,” (or “Live Freestyle 95” with 2Pac, Big Daddy Kane, Shyheim and Scoob Lover), their original source is “Come On (Motherfucker),” a Ready to Die outtake with Brand Nubian’s Sadat X later remixed and remade into the version heard on the posthumous album Born Again.