Toppa Top 10: Biggieโ€™s 10 Best Jamaican References

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May 17, 2011


Lyric/Song: โ€œBitches in the back looking righteous/In a tight dress/I think I might just/Hit her with a little Biggie 101/How to tote a gun/And have fun with Jamaican rumโ€โ€” โ€œParty and Bullshit”

Reference: This stuff. Jamaica is world-famous for its rumsโ€”Myers’s, Appleton Estate, Sangsters, etc. Weโ€™re pretty sure, though, that, on his very first single, young Biggie was talking about the white, overproof rum distilled by J. Wray & Nephewโ€”the most ubiquitous kind in Jamaica and in early ’90s Brooklyn.