Apr 19, 2014
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Ground Provisions

LargeUp Investigates: Bake and Shark

Words by Tishanna Williams—

You don’t mess with a Trinibagonian’s belly. Food is all important here and we take it very seriously. But with the recent news headlines about diminishing shark populations and subsequent conservation efforts, could Trinis soon be forced to give up one of their favorite dishes? In order to get the real bake and shark story for you, LargeUp had to do some heavy research so we packed our sunblock, beach mats and a few Stags for the road and made our way to Maracas Beach to talk to some of the vendors behind this dish personally.

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Ground Provisions: Dominica’s Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant

Words and Photos by Martei Korley—

Thank you is what comes to mind when thinking of the way Levia and Aldon of Cater Truck Mobile Restaurant literally took care of yours truly during my stay in Dominica. As LargeUp undertook the task of covering the entire island of Dominica AND the festivals happening on the island in just one week last October, serious nourishment was required. And the steamfish from this food truck was just what the doctor ordered: Fresher than fresh and drizzled with mouthwatering creole sauce.

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Ground Provisions: Keith Reed, The Conch Man of Miami

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photos Al Diaz/Miami Herald—


It doesn’t get any more Bahamian than conch salad. But the best conch salad around might just be in Miami.

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Ground Provisions: Cooking With Suzanne Couch

Words by Chenee Daley, Photos by Carlo Less—


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Ground Provisions: Jamaican and Panamanian Food Meet in Vermont?

Words by Jesse Serwer, Photo by Matthew Thorsen—

Cool Runnings Vermont

If you’re going to open a Jamaican spot in an area best known for winter sports and ski slopes, you’ve got to call it Cool Runnings, right? That’s just obvious. But what’s not typical or obvious is what’s happened at Negril native Leroy Headley’s Burlington, Vermont shop and restaurant since opening. Cool Runnings is the site of a rather unlikely— but practical— fusion now that Panamanian Mayllet Paz has joined Headley in the kitchen, adding dishes like Plátano en tentación to the menu.

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Ground Provisions: You Read it Here First!

Words by Erin MacLeod—

Today in the New York Times you may have read a review of Fisherman’s Dawta, a one-year-old restaurant owned and operated by Jennifer Ewers and daughter Kamilah Warmington. You may have thought, “hmm, where have I read about this delicious food before?” Answer: right here on LargeUp as part of our “Ground Provisions” series. Check out our review here, and then take a trip over the the NYT for another. If you happen to be nearby 407 Atlantic Ave (Between Bond & Nevins) in Brooklyn, NY, stop by. Or check out what tasty treats are on the menu by calling (718) 855-7555.

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