Toppa Top 10: Bad Gyal Manicures

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€” Women have a plethora of ways to make a statement with our appearance. We've got hair color, piercings, tattoos and, of course, shoes to tell the world who we are. Lately, our m... Read More...

Dyema catches the spirit

Whether doing the Drop Dead into an open casket or arriving in a wheelbarrow, St. James dancer--and inventor of the infamous Dutty Wine--Dyema Attitude can turn an average night into a moment in bashment history. Our gal and journalista Sarah Bentley recently grabbed a chicken soup with one of Jamaicaโ€™s wildest female entertainers and got a how-to on safely ripping out your weave piece by piece--among other trade secrets. Photos by Debbie Bragg.