Toppa Top 10: Bad Gyal Manicures

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November 21, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”


Women have a plethora of ways to make a statement with our appearance. We’ve got hair color, piercings, tattoos and, of course, shoes to tell the world who we are. Lately, our manicures have become another palate for self-expression, as nail art has skyrocketed in popularity. Some of the baddest women we know have been reppin’ their style, musical preferences and cultural ties on their fingers. In light of our recent visit to NYC nail art mecca Vanity Projects with singer Samantha J.โ€”who got her nails tun up with the Jamaican flag, song lyrics and her record label’s logo, among other thingsโ€”we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite bad gyal manicures. Start the countdown here.