LargeUp TV: Behind the Scenes at Miss Lily’s

April 27, 2011

A LargeUp Exclusive Webisode – Words by Eddie STATS Houghton, Photo by Martei Korley


Not that long ago, we talked a little smack about getting an exclusive look at the menu for downtown’s best kept secret spot Miss Lily’s Favourite Cakes when food critics were being turned away left and right. Since then the lid’s come off a little. The menu is no longer top secret, Miss Lily’s has opened to more than just friends and family and everyone from Padma Lakshmi to Grub Street knows that its the new spot to be in Soho/West Village.

But not that much has changed. Designer Serge Becker–who was patron saint of the Sticky Mike’s downtown dancehall bashy before he went on to open Joe’s Pub, The Box and La Esquina, among others–has this thing for real bodies interacting in real spaces and has generally counteracted blogging, tweeting, facebooking or otherwise reducing the Miss Lily’s experience to pixelated form. Which is why even we were amazed when Serge invited our cameras in to record a casual reasoning with himself and owners Paul Salmon (Rockhouse) and Binn and Genc Jakupi (1Oak) and their incredible staff. We got a truly exclusive look at what makes the vibe at Miss Lily’s and talked about everything from the taste technology behind the best jerk chicken this side of Boston Jerk Centre (I said it) to the vitality of Brooklyn Caribbean culture, and the epic JA road trip that inspired it all.

And while you’re watching these pixels we put together, we’ll be there, raising a Tempted to Touch to “Tempted to Touch” and probably talking a little smack.

miss lilys logo final