Bashment Bowl: Watch Beyonce Dutty Wine at the Super Bowl

February 4, 2013

Words by Emily Shapiroโ€”


Letโ€™s skip all the chit-chat and cut right to the point. Beyonce straight murdered the Superbowl Halftime show and us dancehall fanatics were super hype over the reggae influence and sick bad dance break in the middle of the show. Not only did Beyonce hit us with a fresh version of โ€œBaby Boy,โ€ her bashment style collab with Sean Paul, she sampled Cutty Ranks and bussed a full-fledged โ€œDutty Wineโ€ alongside some smoking hot dancers.

While it wasn’t the first time Beyonce repped dancehall or Dutty Wined on a big stage, seeing her do it on the 50-yard line at the year’s biggest sporting event was a huge look and co-sign for dancehall culture. On the heels of Rihannaโ€™s Willie Bouncing at the Grammys last year (and doing the Pat and Crank the year before that), it is clear that dancehall is on trend and we expect this performance to help keep it that way. In addition, to the obvious dancehall references, we couldnโ€™t help but notice that during “End of Time,” Beyonce hit a clear Cowfoot, a popular dancehall move created by influential Jamaican dancer Shelly Belly back in 2011. Weโ€™re not sure if it was intentional but it was an undeniable Cowfoot and we appreciated it.

Queen Bey has been in the studio recording her new album. Maybe weโ€™ll see some reggae influence or perhaps another collaboration with a dancehall artist. Catch the vibes below:

Beyonce Super Bowl Halftime Show 2013 HD by musicthatstartsyourday