Toppa Top ’15: The Best Soca Tracks of 2015

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December 17, 2015

Honorable Mention: Ricardo Drue – Vagabond

Along with Lyrikal, Antigua’s Ricardo Drue was definitely the breakout soca artist of 2015. Now, “Vagabond” was actually released in 2014, for that year’s Antigua Carnival, which technically should make it ineligible for our list. But it really broke out as a regional hit leading up to this year’s Trinidad Carnival โ€” and since we missed it on last year’s list โ€”we’re rewriting the rules a bit to make a rare exception to our typically rigid criteria. “Vagabond” just deserves it. You certainly couldn’t play a soca fete this year without running it. Drue’s colorful, rum-soaked approach to vocals has made him the Caribbean’s new King of drinking anthemsโ€”his 2015 Antigua Carnival contribution “Professional,” could just have easily made the list. But it’s “Vagabond” that is Drueโ€™s master work, and the template for that track as well. ย โ€”Jesse Serwer