Toppa Top ’15: The Best Soca Tracks of 2015

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December 17, 2015

7. Kerwin Du Bois โ€” No Apology

Kerwin Du Bois might as well be dubbed the King of Groovy Soca. The Trinidadian is a surefire hitmaker with a penchant for interspersing a slow croon with a power soca-type drop that sends the crowd into a frenzy, before taking them down for a short breather and back up again. His 2015 anthem โ€œNo Apologyโ€ is a clear statement of intended bad behavior without remorse. The artist encouraged the crowd to โ€œget nastyโ€ and the ladies to โ€œtake jamโ€ โ€” something the Caribbean knows well with the acrobatic wining styles showcased during each islandโ€™s Carnival. If there was a perfect ratio of groovy to soca required to make a song an across-the-board hit, Kerwin has found it: This year โ€œNo Apology,โ€ which lit up Crop Over, Spice Mas and Trini Carnival, was his piece de resistance. โ€”Tishanna Williams