Toppa Top ’15: The Best Soca Tracks of 2015

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December 17, 2015

1. Destra – Lucy

In 2015, the feminist movement took exponential jumps forward, women globally taking back once inhibited rights of sovereignty and independence. As a man who stands for equality across the board, it is pleasing to see the disparaging walls of sexism being trashed. Here in the Caribbean, the movement culminated with music, as most things do ’round yah. The most notable example came from Trinidadโ€™s Queen of Bacchanal, Destra โ€” no stranger to themes of female empowerment โ€” who composed the song โ€œLucy,โ€ a driving soca track produced By De Red Boyz, with Jason “Shaft” Bishop.

Immediately you could feel its impact on the airwaves, and through stereos and ringtones. The situation was reminiscent of the impact Ms. Alison Hinds had with โ€œRoll It Gyal,โ€ however in 2008 Ms. Hinds did not have the expanded social media/Internet output generated by the Caribbean currently. Ms. Garcia does, and she used it well proper. She manifested the addictive song of female independence and growth into the character, Lucy, in an entertaining, animated video. (Leading to more videos with โ€œLucy,โ€ and even apparel). Young ladies began using the term for cordial endearment with each other (“Aye Lucy!”), while the track became the most utilized song for mas bands with high female contingents. All of this signalling that the song took on a cultural embodiment, which is the highest rung of artistic accomplishment. Though โ€œLucyโ€ did not garner any competition awards (which usually boil down to stage performance), it had already won over the streets and countrysides. Lastly, from a male perspective here, when โ€œLucyโ€ comes on in the danceโ€ฆ c’mon sonโ€ฆ C’MON SON! It’s the tropical โ€œSingle Ladies.โ€ Sit back and enjoy the Queens having their moments. Lucy was the pinnacle for 2015. โ€”Kaya.lah