Toppa Top ’15: The Best Soca Tracks of 2015

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December 17, 2015

3. Olatunji – Ola

The African influence in soca music has always been there, but the rising popularity of Afrobeats has made it significantly more noticeable lately. Soca artists and producers are incorporating African elements into their instrumentation and lyrics, fusing the two worlds into one AfroSoca sound. This trend really revealed itself this past year, with the fusion of cultures and genres perhaps best exemplified by Olatunji’s โ€œOla,โ€ released on Advokit Productionsโ€™ Kan Kan Riddim, an enchanting instrumental perfectly complemented by Olatunji’s now-signature chanted vocals. The simplicity and charm of โ€œOlaโ€ gave it a firm grip on the Carnival season festivities, from its release early in the fall to Fantastic Friday, when it earned Olatunji first place at the 2015 International Groovy Soca Monarch competition. โ€” LargeUp Crew