Oildown + Water: The LargeUp Guide to Grenada

September 17, 2015



Grenada is known for the beauty of its beaches but the jewel on the crown is Gran Anse, where the water is so clear you can see the white sand beneath your feet. Buses take you from the terminus to a point that is no more than three minutes walk from this breathtaking site, which is great for both the beach wader and the water sport adventurer.

But there are plenty of other options for great beach vibes.ย  Is a little private time what you need? Whether you’re planning a nice day with a book or a seaside makeout session, Morne Rouge (also known as BBC Beach, after Grenada’s first beach club) and La Sagesse, in St. David’s, are great spots. The latter is also home to the hotel, restaurant and beach bar of the same name.

BBC is also kid-friendly due to the shallow water at some points.