Oildown + Water: The LargeUp Guide to Grenada

September 17, 2015


Grenada is a small island and, once off the plane, taxis will be available to take you wherever you want to go for a small fee. If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing or want to be in the hub of activity, we recommend you stay closer to town in St. George’s rather than in the countryside, where transport is a little more difficult and accessing it may require an uphill or downhill trek. The Calabash Hotel is one of the most popular choices in St. George, putting you right near Prickly Bay Beach and close to Grand Anse, but with rooms starting at $385 per night, the luxury boutique resort doesn’t come cheap. For a truly Grenadian experience, Grenadian Homestays connects visitors with host families at homes and apartments around the island.

The average cost of transport is around EC$3 (US $1.25) but if you’re looking for commuter comfort, think again. Grenada is known for its minibuses that work various routes, and let’s just say the size of the van is not always proportional to the amount of persons they attempt to fit in. (But if you plan to wait on another that is less packed, good luck.) The main bus terminal in town is centrally located and is extremely accessible. Also, if you stay countryside or on the north of the island, you may still find yourself having to walk long distances or waiting for a while. On the Gran Anse side of town, things are a bit easier since those buses usually work until 8pm. Bottom line, if you need comfort or aren’t up for a lot of walking or waiting, rent a car. Hiring taxis could cost you around US$30 for a round trip to your destination of choice.

P.S: Buses DO NOT run on Sundays!!