Oildown + Water: The LargeUp Guide to Grenada

September 17, 2015


Whether you rather lounge, taking in some local music or party *almost* all night long (most events end by 2am), Grenada has something for you.

Venus Restaurant and Sports Lounge

This sports bar located on Gran Anse Wall Street, has a variety of entertainment, including a restaurant, pool tables, big screen TVs, slot machines and rooms for private dining and event hosting. Wednesday nights often has an open mic session. Cocktails cost around US$5 and a decent meal can be had for US$20.

Club Bananas

On Friday and Saturday nights, Bananas is transformed from a restaurant/bar/hangout spot to a pumping club venue beginning at 10:30pm. Locals, tourists and American students class this as a fave spot. This venue is also LGBT friendly.


Soca, reggae, live shows and international music at this venue on Morne Rouge Beach will have you dancing all night long. They open from 9.30 PM ’til the small hours of the morning with the most popular nights are Friday & Saturday. There are also live shows Friday and Saturday. Entry costs EC$10 (US$3.70).

Slum Jab Sundays

If Jab Jab mas ever had a General, Stephen “Slum” Jacobs would hold the title and if you doubt us, listen to a few Jab tracks and you should hear his name mentioned somewhere along the track. Even LIME, premiere Caribbean communication provider, has endorsed the man. You need to check out his Jab Jab Village fete, every Sunday in Morne Delice, St Davidโ€™s. It usually runs from 2pm โ€“ 10pm, but it’s when the sun goes down that it really begins. J’Ouvert every Sunday? Uh… Yeah!

If you’re planning to dress pretty or worst, in white.., think again. Jab Mas is an oil fete. You don’t need to get dirty but you should be prepared.

Gouyave Fish Friday

Known in Grenada as the town that never sleeps this fishing village lies in Grenada’s northwest, about 45 minutes from the south hotel district. This is the seafood mecca of the island with fishermen having received medals from Queen Elizabeth. The event, as the name suggests, takes place every Friday, from 6PM until, normally, about 1AM.


Boat parties, or “cruise,” has become quite popular on the island for weekend fun. Costs vary as do the times, but this is a local favorite, so ask any Grenadian. They will definitely have the scoop on the latest upcoming cruise party.