Toppa Top ’15: Fifteen Artists to Watch In 2015

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6. Noise Cans

We’re going out on a limb a little with this one. Noise Cans doesn’t yet have any original tracks out, just a trio of DJ mixes and a remix of Buju Banton’s “Champion.” But we’ve heard some of what this mysterious DJ/producer, whose sound blends EDM, dancehall and soca with the Carnival vibes of his native Bermuda, has in store for 2015, and it’s straight-up platanos. First up is “Bucka,” a debut single featuring Mr. Vegas and Lady Bee dropping on Dim Mak Records. Subsequently, an EP will feature I-Octane, Jesse Royal, Skinny Fabulous and Mr. Lexx. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Read more about Noise Cans and his unique spin on badman rave sounds in our interview here. —Jesse Serwer