Toppa Top ’15: Fifteen Artists to Watch In 2015

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January 20, 2015

14. EchoSlim

Having recently wrapped a multi-year stint touring the world as the DJ for the duo Black Violin, Trini-American DJ/Producer EchoSlim is poised to make some serious waves this year. We first found Echo through his dope hip-hop/dub remix of Bob Marley’s “Bus Dem Shut,” which included a wicked performance video of the Wailers looking like they were playing the remix version. That was merely a taste of what Echo was capable of, however, as the producer effortlessly slips between genres, creating natural fusions, as seen by his EDM wobble-inspired dancehall remix “Salute We” featuring the Don Dada, Super Cat (also accompanied visually by awesome found footage). Early last year, we premiered “Di Best” (produced with Nicko Rebel), which mashes up EDM elements with trap and dancehall; more recently, he dropped a new Sizzla track, “Dem Bad Mind,” with his Miami-based part-sound system, part-live band outfit Yaga Sounds.

2015 promises to see a steady stream of releases (including a dancefloor-ready track inspired by Buju Banton), as the Miami- and New York-based Echo has spent more than a month in Jamaica voicing artists and working on a remix project with unprecedented access to legendary producer Bunny Lee’s catalog. —Kieran Meadows